This week…

1. Our basil plant is still alive and has been joined by a new friend, thyme. I’ve decided that basil is a must-have for summer dining. We are eating our weight in caprese salads these days.

2. Service has been on my mind this week, then I read this by Shaun Groves – you need to read this especially if you are someone who considers yourself an evangelical working in ministry. (Thanks to Ann Voskamp for the link.) I wish I could copy and paste his whole post here. These words resonated with me deeply:

I’ve noticed that ministers are “called”, more often than not, to more: more people, more influence, more power, more money.

Isn’t this where the rest of us feel “called” too?

More sales, more readers, more space, more car, more savings, more followers, more respect, more…

Shoppers walk out into the chill of December, see their breath, hear the Salvation Army bell ring, and drop change into the red kettle. Who doesn’t share with the poor from time to time?

But Jesus became poor?

A businessman on the way to work passes a mother and her boy broken down on the shoulder. He turns around and offers to change their tire. What leader doesn’t get hands dirty and serve from time to time?

But Jesus became a servant leader?

Read the rest here – go now. Please.

3. If you’re planning on voting for Mitt Romney, you must read this about the potential impact of his faith on foreign policy.

4. Today and tomorrow I am spending my time elbow-deep in cake batter and buttercream frosting. Let’s see if my first attempt at baking a children’s cake will also be my last.

5. I am exceedingly and abundantly thankful for the amazing late-spring, early-summer weather we are now having in Geneva. The sun is out, the days are warm, the air is cool, in other words the weather is basically perfect. Small One and I have lunch in the park these days, and it is the best way to live.

6. Massaman curry. I made it this week. It was amazing. You must make it. Recipe next week.

Have a fabulous weekend friends.